Red Larch

Red Larch is a small village of about 1000 occupants. It thrives due to it’s location as one of the last bits of civilization before taking the Long Road north to the larger cities of Waterdeep and Neverwinter.

Due to it’s geographical position many traders stop here to purchase food, supplies, and to repair their wagons. Red Larch is also the largest provider of stone and marble in the area, supplying ancient cities like Waterdeep with much needed marble to repair or build their large marble buildings.

Recently odd weather has struck the area which includes warm winds on cool days, flash rainstorms that happen in very small areas (as small as as few meters squared), and some travelers even claim to have seen lightning exploding from the ground upwards.

The city has two major Inns which include the more modest Helm at High Sun, as well as the Swinging Sword. Also notably, the town is known for its delicious crumble cake.

Red Larch

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