The Mancitore dared to show itself during the Feast of the Feathergale Society. As the adventurers dined at Feathergale Spire with Thurl Merroska and the Feathergale Knights, a guard entered the room shouting “The Manticore has been spotted!” Thurl Merroska rose from his seat, held a large garnet ring in the air and declared it as a prize to the one to bring him the beast’s head.

The Manticore was slain by Troj Axis and his companions after a prolonged battle on the side of a cliffside where Auron Edge opened the fight by leaping from his mount, removing the beast’s tail.

Auron Edge later pulled the blade Bane, God of War and Conquest from the Manticore’s lair – a magical greatsword that can be set ablaze with the command word Bane.



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