Lord of Lance Rock

Necromancer within the cave of Lance Rock


The Lord of Lance Rock, dwelled in a cave just outside of Red Larch. He lived at the back of the cave in a room containing a globe with a mysterious eye symbol etched upon it, which was propped up by severed hands.

The Lord of Lance Rock was slain by Woned the Warlock after a short battle. Upon his death, he turned into black ash, which was bottled and kept as an odd sort of trophy by Troj Axis.

“It’s the Eye! Don’t you fear it?! It sees your every move!”


This man was not always known as the Lord of Lance Rock. His name was Orieoth and he was an apprentice to a fine wizard in Red Larch. The wizard was loved by all, providing healing and assistance to locals in the town years ago. One day the wizard disappeared and the town blamed Orieoth for his disappearance.

Orieoth fled the town. Insistent that he has nothing to do with the old wizard’s disappearance, he vowed revenge on Red Larch, and to bring a plague down upon its people.

Lord of Lance Rock

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